Archivio mensile:dicembre 2007

Vista l’aria che tira è meglio premunirsi:

Occhio, malocchio, prezzemolo e finocchio, ego me baptizzo contro il malocchio. Puh! Puh!
E con il peperoncino e un po’ d’insaléta ti protegge la Madonna dell’Incoronéta;
con l’olio, il sale, e l’aceto ti protegge la Madonna dello Sterpeto;
corrrrrno di bue, latte screméto, proteggi questa chésa dall’innominéto.

Altomare Secca (a.k.a. Lino Banfi)

Forgive me if I’m out of line,
I can’t control myself sometimes
I think I’m sick but I might be well
I think I’m broke but it’s hard to tell

[The Bravery – Out of line]

You have to have in you some cell, some gene, some germ that will vibrate in answer to sensations that you can neither define, nor dismiss. 
Beauty plus pity — that is the closest we can get to a definition of art. 
Where there is beauty there is pity for the simple reason that beauty must die: beauty always dies, the manner dies with the matter, the world dies with the individual.

Vladimir Nabokov – Lecture on Kafka’s "The Metamorphosis"